About Us

about us

Welcome to Wood & Yarn, your gateway to the world of handcrafted textile artistry. We're passionate about the time-honored traditions of Indian craftsmanship, and our journey is dedicated to bringing these traditions to life through our creations.

about us

Our Ethos

At Wood & Yarn, we believe in the enduring charm of simplicity. By championing our artisans, we not only foster an ethical community but also cultivate a deep appreciation and value for the beauty that emanates from these skilled hands!

about us

Our Team

Led by Anju Nair, a textile designer with a master's degree in fine arts, her love for age-old Indian textile artforms stem from having worked closely with artisans at her mother's handblock print studio in Chennai. Our team is fueled and supported by diverse talents: Priyal Mehta, a NIFT alumni and a visual alchemist, Uma Ramaswamy, a powerhouse administrator and overall management, Sabrina, fashion designer with a keen eye for cuts and finish and our artisans, bringing to life our design vision with precision and grace.

about us
about us

Wood & Yarn isn't just about fashion; it's a celebration of art, craft, and the timeless allure of handmade elegance. We believe in the beauty of "Elegance Crafted, Tradition Woven." Each piece in our collection is a testimony to that belief.

Join our community in embracing this beauty together.


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